Wednesday, 30 September 2015

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This blog was something I originally set up in 2013 for writing some technical articles - mainly as a means to record some development notes for my own personal use for future reference.

These were usually related to areas I wasn't working on full time on my contracting work or on my personal projects. Writing a blog article was a good focus for writing a small application and putting it on Github.

It became a sort of unofficial blog for my company, Corsoft Limited. However, it never really sat right with me in that role - it needed better branding and some different content if it was to do that properly.

So after a bit of thought - I've decided this should become my personal blog - largely focussing on technical articles, but with scope to expand into areas it otherwise couldn't if it remained a company blog.

Taking my usual approach of developing personal projects on my own time - of not over-thinking things too much (analysis paralysis) - I've registered my personal domain, set up a Wordpress site and migrated the content over.

All future development will happen on my new site (probably). Check me out here:

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